About Us

Our staff and volunteers are professionally trained and certified. Their expertise includes animal-assisted activities (AAA) and animal-assisted therapies (AAT) which improve the health and well-being of individuals of any age or ability.




At NEHAB we offer a variety of training and certifications focused on animal-assisted activities and therapies. Training include individual, group and human animal-assisted team. NEHAB is committed to ensuring our animals and humans are properly trained and certified. You are welcome to train and certify your current animal companion for yourself or a loved one. Please contact us if you wish to incorporate animal-assisted therapy into your professional services (e.g., health, rehabilitation, emotional support, education or other). You are also welcome to become a NEHAB team member. Training include:

•  Canine Good Citizen Evaluations and Training
•  Therapy Team Evaluations and Training
•  Community Exposure Training
•  Emotional Support Animal Evaluations and Training


At NEHAB we are committed to providing empirically based training, programs, and services. NEHAB supports research efforts that highlight the benefits and limitations of the therapeutic effects of animal-assisted activities and therapies.


Animal Assisted Education (AAE) are programs and interventions with a primary focus on educational goals, social skills, and activities that enhance cognitive development at every milestone. These programs are designed for licensed or certified education specialists (e.g., teachers, education psychologists/counselors, and other education professionals) with expertise in their respective fields. We provide training for educator-animal teams who may wish to incorporate AAE programs into their curricula. We also provide visits with our NEHAB trained canine teams.


Animal Assisted Activities (AAAs) are any activity involving your animal for the purpose of education, informal emotional support, or simply recreational purposes. AAAs are comprised of a human-animal team and are designed for non-professionals who would like to incorporate AAAs for the purpose of enhancing the well-being of others. Our typical NEHAB team spends their time volunteering at hospitals, clinics, schools, or other community events.


Animal Assisted Therapy (ACT) are therapeutic interventions for the purpose of assisting or enhancing psychological, physical, cognitive functioning and overall well-being. These interventions are designed for accredited, certified, or licensed health professional-animal teams. Teams may comprise of a licensed clinical or educational psychologist/therapist, behavioral health specialist, occupational therapist, social-worker or other health professional (e.g., dental, medical, physical therapist and other) that would like to incorporate ACTs into their clinic, hospital, school, or other human service program.

​Our NEHAB professionals provide consultation, education, training as well as animal-human teams that can assist any health or educational provider/service and their patient/client achieve their physical, emotional or cognitive goals.

NEHAB Visits to Your Facility

Our NEHAB human-animal teams are available for visits to your school, office, clinic, or organization. Many of our NEHAB members volunteer their time and have placements at various hospitals, schools and clinics in our community. Additionally, proceeds from our services are used to provide other non-profit or other qualifying organizations with visits as a service to our community. Please contact us for more details.

Consultation with Professionals

If you are considering incorporating animal-assisted interventions into your practice, business, or group, we are here to answer any questions you might have. The first step in incorporating AAIs into any program or intervention is education and determining if AAIs are appropriate for you and your clients.

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