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Therapy Dog Training

From companion dogs to assistance dogs, we have various levels and programs for individuals or families to train their dogs. Each IDP (Individualized Doggie Plan) is customized to the goals and needs of the dog and family.

Evaluations for therapy dog training classes are held on Saturday mornings from 10:30-11:30 am. These free evaluations are required before signing up to make sure you and your dog are ready for this type of training. This training course is held in two parts. Therapy Dog 1 is a 5 week session focused on handler education and facility exposure. Therapy Dog 2 is another 5 week session of supervised visits. This class takes place in Hebron on Tuesday nights. If you are interested in becoming a therapy team with your dog, contact us for your free evaluation!


Any animal lover can easily tell you why they adore animals. Those that work with animal-assisted activities and therapies can tell you what they see happen during canine/equine and human encounters. We believe it is real, scientific, and a viable outlet for therapy. Our goal is to be able to document what we witness between our dogs/ horses and those they are interacting with. We would like to collect data to raise the level of credibility to ‘therapeutic’, such that therapy can be prescribed or recommended by licensed health care professional and covered by insurance companies.

Jerry with Kya
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We are strong advocates for education. Whether it be learning about animals in the classroom or bringing them in as the teacher, there are so many fun and innovative ways to teach and learn. From human education to career development to life skills, dogs and horses are great teachers and students.


As our name implies, we believe the more well-trained and happy dogs out in the public and immersed with our community members, the better. Whether attending local events, clubs, or groups, or engaging in scheduled appointments in schools, nursing homes, or medical centers, or being responsive and able for planned, emergency matters, dogs bring joy, happiness, and peace and opportunity to reach and connect humans.

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Raena in a visit


Because activities can have a more casual and spontaneous role without a focus in treatment goals or progress, dogs can always work with professionals as ‘co-therapists’. Here the focus is on the improvement of human physical, mental, emotional, and social functioning. Therapy work is a formal, documented, and evaluated treatment process.

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