At NEHAB we offer a variety of training and certifications focused on animal-assisted activities and therapies. Training includes individual, group and human animal-assisted teams. Whether you are looking to train and certify your current animal companion for yourself or a loved one, would like to become a NEHAB team member, or for the purpose of incorporating animal-assisted therapy into your professional services*, we are committed to ensuring our animals and humans are properly trained and certified.

*(e.g., health, rehabilitation, emotional support, education or other)

Training includes:

  • Canine Good Citizen Evaluations and Training
  • Certified Canine Therapy Team Evaluations and Training
  • Community Exposure Training
  • Emotional Support Animal Evaluations and Training
  • Miniature horse therapy team training and certification


Therapeutic visits with our canine and equine partners
Learning activity visits with our canine and equine partners
Training for therapy or emotional support canines
AKC Evaluators
Magnawave Sessions
Animal Reiki
Theraplate Sessions

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